Card Security Guidelines

Find out how to use your Sata card safely and securely

Protect your PIN

Memorize your PIN, don’t write it on the card or on your mobile, notebook, etc. Never share your PIN with anyone.

Protect your card details

Only make purchase on secure Web sites. Never send your card number via e-mail.

ATM security

Always enter your PIN so that no one can see it. Shield the keyboard with your free hand.

Don't use an ATM if the machine looks like it has been tampered with in any way.

In case the ATM fails to return your card or issue your money call the 24/7 Call center at +356 2247 7999.

Don't count your money at an ATM

Don't provide your card to anyone to make payments

If you would like to share the advantages of the cards with your family or to provide a business card to someone of your employees you may get an additional card for them.

Lost or stolen card

In the event of lost or stolen card report immediately. Call the 24/7 Call center at +356 2247 7999. We will block your card to prevent damages. You can block your card by yourself through Sata Direct, just log in click on Cards and click on the button Block.

Set Alerts

You can set up your card to receive notifications to track your spending and monitor your card to defend yourself against fraud. Simply log in to Sata Direct and click on the card to load the detailed page/ Set alerts.

Pay with your card safely

Beware when you are paying with your card at POS. Don't let the staff walk away with your card. Ask a receipt after the transaction.

Hide the keyboard with the other hand while you are entering the PIN code.

Avoid to make online purchases in a public Internet cafés or to log in to your online banking.

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